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DIsney Channel Obsessers

don't we all love it?

disney obsessers
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so, as you can prbably tell by my community name, im OBSESSED with disney channel.
my favprite shows are Phil of the future & hannah montana. i also love the suite life of zack and cody of course.

reasons i love these shows:
phil of the fuure, where do i start. im in love with the show. funny, pheely, it perfect. the characters fit so well, and just the wasy its written and set up, no matter what you're feeling, or ewhich episode is playing, it always makes you happy, and i LOVE alyson michalka. ive got to be aly & aj's biggest fan ever!!

hannah montana, first off, miley cyrus is a tennessean. im actually surprised i never met her because she's all around me. she goes to the church i went to alot on fridays with my friends. it's her youth group, and i was at the CMA festival the year she was. it's weird. my friend's really good friends with her sister, and i know some one who is really good friends with miley herslf. so hopefully ill get the chance. i loveee miley cyrus, ahe's my age, and she's amazing! plus she's living my dream. the show is funny, and it's feel good, and the episodes are always different. i love thcharacters too, they're so unique, and funny in their own way. i can't describe it shortly.

the suite life, wow, everyone loves this show. it's funny, and the characters are so perfect. disney has a weird way of doing that. dylan & cole (zack & cody) are amazing actors, as are the others. and something cool m is that even though im a girl, i have a twin sister, we're 13, and they are only 11 days older than us. yeah cool... nop matter how times youve seen an episode, it can ALWAYS make you laugh.

those are alot of the subjects of icons i like to make.
common subjects are:
phil of the future
the suite life [dylan & cole]
miley cyrus
hannah montana
vannessa anne hudgens
aly & aj
ashley tisdale
possibly switchfoot
high school musical

there might be other subjects too. but this is basicly what i do.
disney, computer... my sad life.